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There are so many little things that can make a huge difference to the bottom line of your business. Retain your clients by going the extra mile for them. Treat your clients and staff like gold. Here are fifteen little things that can make a massive difference to your business:

  • Customer satisfaction is so often pie in the sky; all business owners should take time to get to the front of the shop to interact with customers, not only to gauge their needs, but also to set an example of professionalism and friendliness that will leave your competition green with envy.
  • Remember that slow communication is a certainty to lose clients; there is no excuse to not get back to your clients instantaneously with today’s state-of-the-art technology.
  • Get no fewer than three quotes when sourcing a service or products for your business – playing one off against the other might be a good idea to get the right price.
  • Talk outcomes – when staff members are sent on training, tell them exactly what you want them to get out of it.
  • Always shop around when starting out. It is only natural to want the absolute best but this is not always the most sensible financial option and often used equipment does the job as well at a fraction of the price.
  • Remember if you cannot Google it – then it does not exist. As a matter of facts, if it is not on the first page of Google it does not exist. All businesses need a website and all businesses should know a bit about SEO to ensure that they rank number one on Google.
  • Everyone should know where he or she fits into the bigger picture and that their contribution is important for the company to be successful. If all staff are aware of the common goal they need to work towards, you will have a winning formula.
  • Be a professional – always be on the lookout for opportunities where a speaker is required on a  particular business topic that you are familiar with.
  • The company policy needs to have clarity at all times – if an irate client wants to return a product, the staff member needs to be able to confidently explain the policy of the company to get the matter painlessly resolved.
  • New employees need roadmaps to ensure they understand the house rules.
  • Make a list of the ten things you would most like to be answered by customers and train your staff to ask these.
  • Training for management first will ensure that other employees have an example to follow.
  • Always give praise where it is due.
  • Take ownership – it is human to make errors – all this needs is an apology then resolution to resolve the problem.
  • Staff that lack experience will cost less than those that are experienced.

If you are looking to take your business places, put these fifteen points into practice to become ensure your business is a winner.

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