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Here are five top tips for an online business; whether it is plain old-fashioned hard work or a good dose of inspiration – there are unquestionably a couple of common denominators that running successful businesses share.

Five top tips for your online success:

  • Hard work – It might seem like all you are doing when starting up is work, work and more work, but as you build your brand and you become known, it will all be worth the hard work and effort in the end.
  • Networking equals success – The people you meet, email and encounter can often be the missing link to new opportunities.
  • It is imperative to step out of your comfort zone – To promote your business you need to think out of the box, therefore emailing individuals, chatting to people about what it is that you do, SMSing and handing out business cards to self-promote what it is that you do is all-important. Remember that you need to keep it light-hearted and friendly but you will not always have a reciprocal response.
  • Being unique and original is all-important – new ideas and integrity is essential. It is imperative to keep it fresh, do your homework and plenty of research when starting up something new.
  • Be zealous – It is so important to create a business and products that you love.

So do you start a blog or do you create a website?

  • To maintain a website on your own is quite a chore, therefore it might be a lot easier to create a blog.
  • Neither is better or worse than the other – it might be a great idea to start off with a blog, though.
  • Blogs are nice in that it has more of a conversational take to it.
  • A blog is affordable but as your business blossoms, it might be a great idea to start a website.

Blogging for your start-up can be quite challenging but once you get the hang of it, you can have a lot of fun with your blog plus the fruits of your labour will soon become apparent. You can and will meet incredible people through your blog, although there is always room for improvement.

Your start-up business should involve doing something that you feel passionate about as this will undoubtedly give you the extra energy to make a success of it. Be brutally honest at all times, but also listen to what your clients have to say.

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