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Insurables offers a wide variety of insurable classes. We have managed to categories these into 3 major insurable categories. Following that is a breakdown of the companies whose quotes we can provide you with.

Buildings Insurance

These are not your average buildings… From commercial office parks to stadiums and schools, building insurance from will keep you on the edge.

Asset Insurance

Your assets are without a doubt one of the most valuable aspects of your company; insure them at the correct price to be sure you are able to replace these should you experience any kind of loss, theft or damage.

Insurance Companies

The South African direct short-term insurance model has changed the way insurance companies operate. By offering products directly to the public, insurers are giving clients the opportunity to compile their own insurance portfolios.

Car / Fleet

Most businesses won’t be able to survive without its car or fleet for a couple of days and for that reason it is essential to take out car and fleet insurance for business purposes.

Contents Insurance

Your business contents and equipment need to be insured against accidental damage such as flood, fire, snow, hail, wind, impact, explosion, subsidence, as well as malicious damage and damage caused by power surges or power dips.

Machinery Insurance

If your business uses specialist machinery, then you need to insure this equipment to make sure you can continue operating if one of your machines break down or is damaged.

Electronic Equipment and Data Loss Insurance

Not many businesses operate without electronic equipment such as computers and printers these days.

Stock Insurance / Stock-in-transit Insurance

As a retail store your stock is one of your most important and most valuable resources and you need to protect yourself in case anything happens to the actual goods that you’re selling.

Out-of-office Insurance

Out-of-office business insurance, also known as all risk insurance, will cover items you take outside of the office regularly for loss or damage.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident business insurance allows you to cover yourself, your business partners or employees in case of accidental death or disability, directly caused by an accident at the workplace.

Theft & Fraud Insurance

Your business might be the victim of theft or fraud from outside of your business or sometimes one of your employees may steal from you and you’ll need employee dishonesty cover.

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