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There are numerous inspirational business icons who overcame major obstacles before finding renowned success. If you persevere and believe in what it is that you do, living your passion every single day, then you, too, will far more chance of finding success.

With success comes responsibility – if you do start your business, are inspired by brilliant ideas and want to make yours a winner – remember that you will need to run your operation like a professional. This is where the right business insurance cover enters the equation and why you need to have the kind of cover that will take care of any and all eventualities.

Harland Sanders – otherwise known as Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame:

  • In 1955 a newly-built highway bypassed the area where Colonel Sanders cooked up chicken in his restaurant and motel for as much as two decades – and after selling the location and settling his debts, Sanders was broke.
  • The turnaround came when he had already started franchising his chicken restaurant concept – Colonel Saunders then took to the road full-time to sell off his franchises and within five years there were 190 franchisees and 400 Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets.
  • The lesson learnt may not be the idea that’s unsuccessful – it might just be the execution of the strategy.

Steve Jobs – famous for the Apple Computer:

  • His famous setback came after Jobs was forced to resign from Apple in 1985. Jobs spent the following couple of years developing NeXT, which is a computer workstation for educators.
  • But with the high price and reports of numerous viruses, the sales never happened!
  • The scary thing is that the company used up millions of dollars of investors dollars.
  • The turnaround came about when Apple announced that it would buy NeXT in 1996, giving Jobs back his job and offering him the position of CEO as an interim measure.
  • Since then he has created the iPod and iPad and the rest is history – as this made Apple one of the most successful companies to date.
  • The lesson learnt is that having the right resources and support system makes a big difference.

Anita Roddick of Body Shop fame, Bill Gates, Walt Disney and Henry Ford are all famous failures and comebacks – but the secret to their success is that none of these gave up.

If you are starting out, have a brilliant idea or think that you have a winner – perseverance is most certainly one of the most important aspects when it comes to winning – remember that you need to have the right kind of business insurance cover to guarantee that when things do go wrong or circumstances change, the right kind of cover is a no-brainer.

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