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When it comes to finding the right business insurance for your B & B operation note that hospitality Insurance plays a major role.

Without this type of cover, you could find yourself in hot water. Just looking at the kind of cover that is on offer, one can get a good idea of the numerous things that can and often do go wrong, and without hospitality insurance cover this could cause your B & B to cease operating and close down altogether.

Deciding on the business insurance you need will all depend a great deal on the size of the B & B, who the guests will be (whether they will be local visitors or those coming from overseas), as this will dictate the amount of insurance you have and whether you have adequate cover.

Entry level or basic packages will include enough cover – but it is always wisest to be safe than sorry and to ask the advice of the professionals.

Basic cover costs are affordable but it is hard to give exact amounts as a tailor-made quote would be done to cover the requirements of your particular B& B.

Comprehensive business cover on buildings:

  • Loss of rent up to 25%.
  • External signs, blinds and canopies which are limited and not restricted to the premises.
  • Loss of water limit.
  • Cost of reinstating gardens as well as water features.
  • Accidental damage which includes glass, mirrors and sanitary ware to name a few.
  • Water pumping machinery.
  • Burst geysers and water apparatus.
  • Fire brigade charges.
  • Fatal injury for up to two specified individuals.
  • Property owner’s liability.

Contents insurance:

  • Full theft cover on main buildings, garages and the grounds.
  • Theft by staff if this is discovered within 14 days.
  • Loss of rent up to 25%.
  • Fatal injury for up to two specified individuals.
  • Power surge.
  • Personal effects of guests.
  • Accidental damage to glass, TV’s, audio visual equipment and computers.
  • Contents of fridges and freezers.
  • Loss of or damage to building keys or keys of vehicles.
  • Theft of money up to a certain amount.
  • Loss or the theft of domestic staff property.

Hospitality insurance also offers liability cover, all risks such as theft of groceries and household goods whilst in transit, personal accident cover and motor vehicle cover.

If you are planning on opening up a B & B you need to ensure that your hospitality insurance covers each and every aspect of your operation.

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