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If you are in the market for commercial insurance for your truck or fleet of trucks, you should look out for insurance that will cover goods in transit, trailer coverage and more. Commercial vehicle and truck insurance is essential no matter how large or small a fleet you might have – travelling over long distances will require cover for yourself and your goods should something go wrong.

Ensure that you also have cover for personal injury, medical cover as well as third party cover for other vehicles or persons that might be involved in any incidents with your fleet.

Although there are similarities between car insurance and commercial insurance, here are eight ways that commercial vehicle insurance differs from ordinary vehicle insurance:

  • The risks are higher for commercial use, therefore the premiums are higher.
  • Multiple drivers use commercial vehicles in many cases – this is the reasons why commercial vehicle insurance needs to include every driver.
  • Transporting goods that are not owned by you will be covered by commercial insurance cover.
  • Truck insurance will cover trucks over a broad geographical area.
  • It is encouraging to learn that truck insurance will cover your fleet of trucks across several countries.
  • Insuring your trucks individually is usually not a good option – insuring your fleet under a single entity makes better sense.
  • Many companies send their drivers on advanced driving courses to up-skill their driving abilities as this leads to fewer incidents on the roads.
  • Fewer accidents within the driving fleet will often lead to reduced premiums for your fleet or truck insurance.

Before taking out truck insurance for your fleet, ensure that you shop around and do your homework carefully – servicing your trucks and training your drivers will often mean that your premiums are reduced.

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