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It is no secret that taxi drivers are viewed as being kamikaze-like in the way they drive,yet they play a vital role in transporting at least half of the country’s people each day with most drivers on the roads in South Africa playing a game of “dodgem” or cat and mouse with taxis, therefore it is does not surprise that getting taxi insurance is a challenge if you are a taxi driver or the owner of a taxi. One can obtain taxi insurance in South Africa, as there are business insurance companies that specialise in precisely this type of cover.

When it comes down to traditional vehicle insurance we are looking at a zero sum game; as the insurer gains, the client loses, and vice versa. However there are insurance providers that make it possible for drivers to be treated as individuals and insurers to truly understand the risk presented by each individual.

One company in particular has set out to positively disrupt the local insurance industry is thinking differently, and specialises in meeting the specific insurance  requirements of taxi owners and emerging businesses in South Africa by continually taking steps to keep its products relevant through shrewd business procedures, simple-to-understand lingo combined with smart partnerships – the company also boasts being the first underwriting company in SA to offer cash-back benefits to taxi owners.

Santaco – South African Taxi Association

  • Santaco insists it is cleaning up its act with a training academy for drivers and a face lift of all taxi ranks.
  • Its latest venture will include launching a budget airline which will be country’s first fully black-owned airline, which will run flights from Joburg’s Lanseria airport to Bhiso in the Eastern Cape as well as Cape Town.
  • Many of its prospective passengers, who will more than likely not have their own cars, will be collected from a central taxi rank and then transported to the airport, with a one-way ticket being in the region of about R500!

Getting Taxi insurance in South Africa might be a challenge, yet it is far better to have cover than not should something happen to you or your passengers.

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