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If you are looking for world-class commercial vehicle insurance even with the current economic slow down – medium and heavy commercial vehicles should continue to benefit from reasonably healthy infrastructure spend. Your business insurance knows that vehicles are an integral part of the operating model of many businesses and in today’s age and time vehicles are also major assets and income-producing tools for business owners.

Covering these valuable assets is extremely important in your risk management.

Insurance done via a direct model without an insurance broker getting involved and therefore there is no commission payable to the middle man. Outstanding service is standard and underwriting is done scientifically.

  • Premiums are fixed for twelve months.
  • Your vehicle should be covered at its retail value or you may prefer to cover your vehicle (or vehicles) at the trade value of your vehicle.
  • Fixed excess means that you pay the selected excess and it remains fixed regardless of the nature or value of your claim – or you could negotiate your excess to be higher in order to pay lower premiums.
  • Look for an insurance provider that will have their own panel of repairers who are selected according to strict quality and service standards.
  • If your vehicles or vehicles need to be repaired, ensure you get a guarantee of 12 months.
  • Get cover that is tailored specifically for you and select the cover options that best suit the individual needs of your business.
  • If you want, ask to insure your commercial vehicles on a stand-alone basis. 

Your business insurance will take care of all aspects of cover on your business vehicle or vehicles, and if you are not satisfied with what they are offering it might be a good idea to shop around to find out what else is available from the plethora of service providers.

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