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Everything You Need to Know About Courier Insurance and Delivery Insurance

Self-employed delivery drivers and fleets benefit from Courier Insurance and Delivery Insurance.

Courier delivery insurance is insurance for couriers and it protects small and large courier businesses everywhere in South Africa, from Port Elizabeth to Pretoria and Cape Town. You could be a self-employed driver, or your business might comprise a large fleet. Courier delivery insurance can protect you from liability and damages. Your cover includes goods, vehicles and drivers against insured events.

What Does Courier Delivery Insurance Cover?

Courier insurance protects all types of courier companies, from standard courier service companies to delivery and courier services against risks affiliated with the industry. Some risks include losses, theft, and accidents that take place during delivery.

You can get courier insurance and delivery insurance that forms part of a comprehensive business insurance package or you can get it as a standalone product. The benefit of a combined business insurance portfolio is that it is easier to manage the admin. Some may still opt for a standalone product if they prefer a greater level of control in their insurance and risk management.

How to Ask the Most Important Questions?

  • Will your goods in transit insurance offer cover for goods in the air, sea or by rail? Every service provider offers different cover and varying products. Find out which one will cover you.
  • Am I covered against mechanical breakdown? This is important if you are transporting refrigerated goods. 
  • How does packaging affect my claims? Your goods in transit cover will specify what to expect with packaging.
  • Are my goods insured when sent overseas? Your insurance provider will map out geographical cover.
  • If my load is unusual are my goods covered. These could include hazardous materials. Your service provider will tell you what it does not cover.
  • Is my loading equipment covered? These include items such as ropes, nets and other loading and unloading equipment. Your insurance company will tell you.
  • Does it include public liability insurance? Courier businesses cover can often include public liability cover, but check the policy to ensure you have this type of cover.

How to Get the Best Courier and Delivery Cover

Courier and delivery companies need to cover many risks. To get the best cover, you can choose insurance options that best cover these risks, including:

  • Claims for injuries and damage to the property of third parties
  • Physical damage and liability claims for drivers while at work
  • Damages, losses, and goods stolen in transit
  • Work-related injuries, illness, and even death

Your courier and delivery insurance may not include all of these types of insurance. It’s best to compare what different insurance providers are offering to find the best policy for your business needs and budget. You may need other types of insurance in addition to your courier delivery cover if the policy you choose doesn’t cover all the risks related to your business.

How Will I Know I Have the Right Cover?

Good courier and delivery insurance policies will include cover for the delivery person and not just the vehicle. It’s meant to serve as a safety net for your business against day-to-day risks couriers face on the road. If you aren’t sure which plan to choose or which is best, you can find out with us. With connections to a large variety of business insurance providers, we can help you find the best one for you. Just fill in our online form to get a free quote.

Need to Know Tips for Finding the Best Cover

Find cover that suits your business needs at a premium that works for you on our site. It’s easy! Just fill in our form for a free quote. By comparing quotes from top insurance companies in South Africa, you can get the best deals. Find the most comprehensive courier delivery cover at the best prices right here.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this article is meant for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, medical, or financial advice. Facts stated in this article are correct at the time it was published.

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