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Protect your courier and delivery business with the right cover.

Are you looking for cover for your courier or delivery company? Every policy is different, so finding one that gives you peace of mind is important. You may find that your policy covers standard items, but other policies may include added benefits or more extensive cover. Your

courier and delivery insurance can cover employees, but it can also cover the delivery driver that delivers goods. This type of insurance should offer cover for goods in transit against theft, damages, and losses.

The Unique Risks of Running a Courier Company

Courier and delivery companies spend almost all their time on roads and in transit. This automatically increases the possibility of damages, loss, and accidents.

How Will I Know I Have the Right Cover?

The most basic type of coverage a courier delivery company may need is third-party only cover. This kind of cover will pay out for damages and loss to a third party’s property or vehicle if you are in an accident. Secondly, public liability insurance can be beneficial. Another type of cover to consider getting is goods-in-transit insurance. This kind of policy will cover the damage, theft, or loss of objects being transported. Often, a courier insurance policy can include all three of these types of insurance.

What You Need to Know About Business Insurance Cover

Your short-term car insurance is not the right cover for delivering goods. Inform your insurrer if using your passenger car for business purposes. This will change the direction of your premiums. It will also influence pay-outs when claiming. Commercial car insurance and car insurance are two different products. 

Who is Your Designated Driver?

Are you the only designated driver of your vehicle? Vehicles with many designated drivers should inform their insurer. Is your vehicle driven by one designated driver? You can inform your insurer whether a specific driver or any driver will use the vehicle when signing up for the policy. This is an important factor, because it can influence your premiums. If you’re in an accident and someone is driving who isn’t specified on the policy, your insurer may not pay out. If the driver does not have a clean driving record or isn’t licensed, it could also be a problem.

Everything Else You Need to Know About Courier Cover

  • Is the policy in your personal capacity, in the name of the business, or in the name of the business owner? Your broker will give you the correct information.
  • Are you getting cover for one vehicle or for multiple vehicles? When insuring many vehicles, you can enjoy the benefits of fleet insurance cover. Compare quotes and products to find the one best suited to your individual needs.
  • Goods in transit insurance covers items transported by your courier or delivery company. Cover includes damages, losses, and theft to goods on the move. This type of policy is vital for courier businesses and businesses involved in deliveries. You can tailor the amount to suit your business needs.
  • Public liability insurance will cover third parties if they suffer injuries or loss because of your business activities. It’s important to get enough cover for the cost of litigation and compensation.
  • Paying excess can be expensive if you claim for damages, so opting for a lower excess but a higher premium could save you money if you have to claim.
  • Workmen’s compensation protects your employees. Employees not protected with workmen’s compensation need protection with employers’ insurance.
  • Breakdown insurance covers any refrigerated goods spoilt because of a breakdown.
  • Goods in transit insurance offers cover for damages, theft, and loss of goods being transported.

How to Find the Best Cover

Comparing quotes is the best way to find the right insurance for your courier company. Courier companies are exposed to many unique risks on the road and getting the right cover for your budget and needs is important. You can find a policy to cover all your risks right here. Just fill in our online form for a free quote!

DISCLAIMER: Information provided in this article is meant for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, medical, or financial advice. Facts stated in this article are correct at the time it was published.

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