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For businesses looking to cut back on their fleet insurance there are definite positive steps to take to save quite substantially on their monthly premiums. 

Listed here are five ways to ensure you are not paying top dollar on your fleet insurance premiums: 

  • Continuous training and upskilling of your drivers will ensure you get the best premiums possible. Drivers that are monitored at all times and are trained to ensure their skills are fine-tuned will impact positively on your bottom line. 
  • A low accident rate track record will impress your insurance service provider. If your drivers have a low accident track record – your fleet will be viewed as being low risk and this is one of the pointers that insurance companies look at before assessing your monthly premiums. 
  • Ensure your vehicles are serviced at regular intervals and are in pristine driving condition at all times – roadworthiness will play a major role in the assessment of your overall attitude and responsibility regarding your fleet. 
  • Shop around to find insurance cover that will insure your fleet as a single entity and not as individual vehicles as this can save costs in the long term. 
  • Remember that your drivers are not responsible for paying insurance out of their own pockets and might view insurance and the vehicles they are driving with an element of recklessness – it is the business owner’s job to educate and inform their drivers. 

It is smart to offer incentives for good driving habits – instil a sense of responsibility and pride in your drivers and reap the rewards at the end of the day. 

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