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Every business deserves to have the right cover in the event of a calamitous eventuality taking place. 

It makes little difference whether you own a restaurant, have a medical practice, are a tradesman or are a professional, taking the right amount of building insurance cover is a must-have on so many levels. 

When taking out building insurance cover, add these to your insurance schedule to ensure you are covered for all eventualities: 

The bricks and mortar of your building need to be covered against any losses or damages incurred. 

Fire cover is a necessity to ensure all your expensive equipment, tools, machinery, fixtures and fittings as well as stock and other items are insured at the replacement value and not the value when bought, otherwise, your business could suffer extensive losses. 

Don’t forget to ensure your glass is insured against losses – read the fine print of your insurance schedule to ensure this is covered. Replacing glass can add up to in the thousands. 

When buildings are damaged, it is often impossible to continue running your business in some instances such as fire and flood or damage due to theft and other losses – ensure you have business interruption cover should you find yourself in this situation. 

And all those bits and pieces in the office that took years of collecting from the cups to the PC’s? Ensure you are covered for these, too. 

Every business and every building is quite unique; therefore the risks will differ from the one to the next. 

Compare like with like and choose building insurance cover tailored to your individual needs. 


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