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Almost all exceptional individuals have the ability to connect with others. Without long-term bonds with others, any achievement or brilliance strikes a rather hollow chord.

For business people who would like to achieve success, entrepreneurs need to be honourable and ethical above all else. If you cannot sleep at night – this means that it is not right.

It is good to conduct your business in a fair manner – fairness in all your business dealings as well as with the people that you work with as well as those that work for you.

  • Winners will always surround themselves with individuals that are inherently good as well as being successful as they will be able to learn from them.
  • We see, more often than not, famous individuals that have successfully climbed the ladder of success by associating themselves with famous individuals – Hilary Clinton being one of them.
  • Success comes from communication and an ability to transfer a dream or a goal in a way that motivates others as well as themselves; this is unquestionably a winning formula.
  • Purpose and tenacity is a wonderful habit – winners never give up and taking any challenge that life dishes out; plus communicating that experience in a manner that makes them change things and situations successfully is the only way forward.
  • Winning is about loving what you do above all else – winners continue working even if they have made pots of money – because they love what they do.
  • Winners take it on the chin – useful criticism and seeing its value is important. Criticism is a good thing and shows that people believe in your ability to go the extra mile and do better in what they do. When you catch yourself doing a task poorly and no one bothers to tell you any more, that is not a good space to be in.
  • Being trapped in the past is for losers and never for winners. They move on especially after making mistakes and seek out new opportunities around every corner.

The above are only seven of many winning traits entrepreneurs should have. Start-ups are the way forward in the world of today –take responsibility, work hard, and apply all those winning traits to wake the dormant entrepreneur that you always suspected you are.

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