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For those wanting to realise their dreams of starting up their own business, they need to overcome their innate fear of failure. Individuals who obsess about their ideas not working will never make the grade or the very first step to becoming their own boss.

Some budding entrepreneurs are so afraid of taking risks that they never reap the rewards of working for themselves and this is precisely what keeps them from taking the very actions that could get them the success they dream of attaining.

Realise that failure is never a unique experience and that everyone experiences failure from time to time – everyone has encountered a situation where they have wanted something yet received something entirely different, in any event.

Instead of procrastinating, rather make use of what you know and what you have learnt and put these experiences to good use by trying something else and starting up your own enterprise.

Remember – according to Anthony Robbins – motivational guru par excellence – that there is no such thing as failure but only results.

To reach personal power you need goals and aspirations to motivate and invigorate you and others. Think big and set targets that are larger than life, because thinking small is not good enough to attain great heights.

Why your fears stop you from starting your own business:

  • Reaching elevated levels of confidence and self-esteem will mean that you will overcome your basic fears.
  • The fear of being criticised is often what holds those wanting to reach their dreams, back.
  • The thought that others may ridicule your ideas and choices could be stopping you from stepping out into the unknown and pursuing all those wonderful and meaningful goals.
  • Remember that the fear of being criticised is about your ego – and that your reputation is important. But this is where you say to yourself that enough is enough.
  • You will never attain your dreams and aspirations if you are always concerned about what others will think of you.

Self-esteem is all about feeling good about yourself; having copious amounts of self-assurance and self-confidence will take you to great heights.

Indecision, distrust, fretfulness, purposelessness, unhappiness and rage are all fear-internal drivers which you need to flush out.

The opposite of having self-confidence is having low self-esteem – realise your dreams of starting your own business by overcoming your fear of failure and thinking big.

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