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Small business can teach big business a thing or two when it comes to adopting social media. Did you know that you can promote your blog by listing it in blog directories and making use of blog aggregators?

But what is a blog and how can it help you to grown your Startup?

A blog is a space where you can show the human side of your business and make it more “tangible” for your consumers.

Whether you are an owner talking about the joys or the woes of running a business, or a marketing expert sharing some behind-the-scenes experiences at a trade show, a blog can provide valuable context for the business while supporting your more traditional advertising and marketing campaigns.

Through blogging, you can have fast, honest, two-way conversations with your clients and customers, suppliers, employees and other people interested in what you do.

This will enable you to:

  • Demonstrate passion and ability on your business and industry.
  • Share new information quickly.
  • Inspire traditional media coverage.
  • Improve search engine results.
  • Market a new product or service.
  • Effectively manage an issue or crisis situation.

The goodwill and understanding that a well-written blog creates also stands you in good stead if things go wrong and you need your customers to cut you a bit of slack.

As with all social media strategies, blogging is not always the correct tool or right platform for all businesses, therefore it is imperative for you to consider your objectives and target audiences with care.

If you have something interesting to say or to share, passionate employees and customers or prospects who want to interact with you – then there is no time like the present to start your blog.

So, you want to start blogging for your startup, but not sure how to start – this is how:

  • Blogging is free and the technicalities of starting a blog are quite easy and user-friendly.
  • Although starting a blog is very easy to get off the ground, it is even easier to run out of steam.
  • Before launching your blog you need to have a plan in mind that will address the content, the technology and internal processes for keeping it going.

You need to agree on the objectives and target audience – and be clear at all times on what you are trying to achieve, who the audience is and how you will measure success.

You should aim to respond to all reader comments within a 24-hour period of time and because conversations move quickly in the blogosphere you will lose relevance if you don’t.

Are you ready to grow your SME through social media? If so,  blogging is a great way to start.

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