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Do you want to do everything yourself and feel as though delegating chores and tasks to other individuals might compromise your business on any level? Learning to delegate in your start-up is important if you want to grow your business or company.

Delegating is an important part of being an effective team leader – this is a brilliant way to empower teams to achieve objectives and to make decisions and be accountable for them.

You as the team leader will still be ultimately responsible for the end results, though.

How to delegate in your startup:

  • Delegation ensures effective performance from your team in any start-up business.
  • It inspires cooperation and teamwork – but ensuring your team is clear about what is expected and that they agree to the expectations will ensure good results are attained.
  • It is also important to ensure you don’t tell your team how to do the tasks; instead permitting them to be creative will give them the confidence to carry out their responsibilities successfully.
  • Give them the tools they need and select the members that are best suited to each task to carry these out.
  • It is imperative that people are also given an opportunity to make mistakes, but don’t be critical of them.
  • Instead offer advice and support.
  • Hold regular meetings to evaluate their progress.

Leadership depends on four interdependent dimensions – these include:

  • Security – this includes the sense of worth, identity and self-esteem.
  • Guidance – this is the direction received in life, governing decision-making and doing.
  • Wisdom – your judgement, comprehension and integrated wholeness.
  • And last but not least – power which includes your capacity to act and your courage to accomplish and the energy to make decisions.

Good leadership incudes these inspirational ideas:

  • It is important to be a good listener and to be approachable to ensure your employee/employer relationship inspires confidence and respect.
  • It is imperative to be trustworthy. Don’t pass on what is said to you in confidence.
  • If you feel the job has been well done – never forget to thank or to reward good deeds or hard work.
  • Show your confidence in your employers and they will rise to your level of expectation – and most importantly when you sing their praises, ensure that others hear your words of praise.
  • Never use negative challenges and being sarcastic is not ever conducive to attaining good results.

If you run your own business it is vital to be the person that your employees enjoy working for and confide in and share their joys with you – and most importantly show genuine enthusiasm interest and pleasure in what it is that they do; remember that delegation is the key to running a successful start-up.

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