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Fitness and businessA couple of lessons can be taken from the training schedules of triathlons that will improve the performance in the work environment.

Triathlon participation is an all-time high – recent studies note that a large number of triathletes are business professionals who have a passion for sport with thousands of CEO’s and business leaders that actively participate in triathlons and other sporting event annually.

Even if you are a regular partaker in sporting activities, participating in marathons, triathlons and other sporting events will take you to a new level of clarity of mind.

Obviously all individuals are different and have their own preferences as far as keeping fit is concerned. These include both mental and physical regimes for managing their business, coping with stress, overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities.

All of us, whether we admit it or not, have a certain, specific routine that we implement prior to an important meeting or presentation – the very same principle will apply when it comes to planning your sporting activity.

Here are a couple of sport lessons that can be applied to business people:

There are so many parallels between endurance (and other sports) and business entrepreneurship – both require training, prep and goal-setting.

  • With strategic planning – think about how you can approach the race terrain.
  • Sizing up the competition in business – who are my rivals/competitors and how can I beat them to the finishing line.
  • Performance measurements – how is my game improving?
  • Transition management – how fast and efficiently do I move between the various parts of the race.
  • Financial investments – how much is necessary to spend on my sports equipment, nutritional supplements etc.
  • You will need to implement a contingency plan for times of crisis – you will need to think of a plan B should something untoward go wrong.

Whether you are planning to stay active through a marathon, sporting event, triathlon, yoga or spinning class, staying fit creates a sound and clear mind, which will lead to good business decisions.

Whether you are dreaming of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, are planning to do the Comrades or swim the Midmar Mile – or simply are thinking of joining the gym or take up salsa dancing – whatever floats your boat, remember that a healthy mind and body will impact positively on your business decision making.

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