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Many successful individuals are of the belief that you need to fail many times before you can actually discover the path to success. Don’t be put off if your business start-up failed and certainly don’t let it squash those dreams and aspirations you have as an entrepreneur.

The numbers of failed ventures is quite staggering – so if you start-up goes belly-up it is time to hop right back into the saddle and try over and over until you get it just right; after all you have an entrepreneurial spirit that got you there in the first instance. In other words there is no time quite like the present to turn those negatives into positives.

The difference is that the second time round is that you are able to start over with added wisdom which is quite precious – take a leaf out of Thomas Edison’s book – he stated that he never failed; instead he just found 10 000 ways that did not work out. With an entrepreneurial spirit such as this it is not surprising that success was his to enjoy in the end.

The road to a successful startup is paved with massive failures and the most successful individuals will always admit that they came across numerous challenges along the way.  One cannot possibly separate success from failure as it is all part and parcel of the journey to making your start-up a winner.

Optimism can be learned and applied – choose to be happy and you will be amazed at what a difference it makes the next time you feel negative or calamitous.

At first it might be a difficult thing to do but you will enjoy the process and journey far more – remember that carrying around negativity, anger or resentment is debilitating and you will never lead a fulfilled life as a result.

It is a good idea to wake up every day with the thought of making a positive difference to change the world around you uppermost in mind, whilst applying these positive thoughts and actions to your start-up to ensure it’s a success.

Michael Jordan admits that he missed more than 9 000 shots throughout his career and lost plenty of games – and it is due to the many failures that he feels that he owes his greatest success.

When employing your staff – always seek out those that love to win more than anything – those that hate to lose.

Remember that no-one is born holding an Academy Award or Olympic Gold Medal – look for that inner joy which will motivate from a place of happiness and purpose – this is the best way forward for your start-up to be a winner.

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