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What’s your mission statement as a start-up? In other words, what is it exactly that you would like your potential clients, investors, friends and family to learn about what it is that you are about to do?

When compiling your mission statement, you need to keep it short and sweet and right to the point.

Take time out to put your start-up’s mission statement together:

  • First and foremost set aside enough time and effort to work on your mission statement. Although your mission statement has to be short and sweet and to the point, remember the shorter a story the more thought will have to go into it to make it work.
  • Writing looks a lot easier than you might think – remember that it takes time to come up with the right words to describe your potential business and to show the heart and soul that your business deserves.

An objective point of view is key:

  • Including those that are connected to your start-up business is a good idea and even if you are a sole proprietor remember that two heads are better than one – always.
  • Objectivity is key and other people will be able to recognise your strengths and weaknesses as they are looking from the outside in and not the other way around.
  • Not everyone has your best interests at heart – choose those individuals that you would like to give you some solid advice and would love to see you succeed more than anything – this often includes family and friends.

Start off on the right foot and be informative:

Not everyone is aware of or understands the meaning of a mission statement – start yours off by explaining exactly what a mission statement is and exactly what it stands for.

Get organised and set a date is a good point of entry:

If you are planning on meeting with others that will be assisting with your business, set aside a date, find a secluded spot in which to discuss what it is you intend doing and write out a plan visible to everyone – a PowerPoint presentation does wonders for this type of message to be conveyed.

Time for brainstorming:

Hash over every single idea and copy other start-up business’s mission statements if you find you are at a loose end – and no it is not plagiarism – just another way of thinking innovatively, so long as you don’t copy the other mission statement verbatim.

Using great language and floral descriptions will make your mission statement unique and stand tall:

Time to whip out the dictionary and Google some excellent synonyms – boring is out and exciting is in. You need to portray your idea as though you are a beautiful rose attracting an entire hive of bees.

It is time to come up with a statement that encompasses all the major elements of your business – start smart right from the beginning – this way your start-up will enjoy great success and make a great impression.

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