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If you tackle your start-up with a lot less fuss, you should soon experience the ka-ching. After all, that is what all start-ups strive towards, not so? By killing two birds with one stone you will soon enjoy a more relaxed pace but reap the necessary rewards.

Once the business start-up is up and running, many entrepreneurs feel that they are spending every minute of every day (and most nights) conducting meeting after meeting with potential clients.

It is time to start being organised and avoiding the frenzy as this will soon have you thinking with clarity and will benefit your business, too.

Time is of the essence here and if you find that you are continually running out of time, often have the need to cancel important meetings, it is time to start thinking about time management in a completely different light.

Thinking dualistic will assist with time management if you are an entrepreneur:

The way in which you need to allocate time and solve problems in the work environment is by thinking in the twofold – in other words instead of thinking A or B – think A and B:

It is no secret that time is the predetermined immovable in all decision-making situations, so when you combine two or more activities by making use of the same time allocation, this way you will free up more time in which you can focus on more than one task at a time.

This is a particularly useful tool that entrepreneurs need to incorporate into their daily schedules in order to do more and work smarter.

Innovation is the key and will assist with overcoming challenges.

Some good ideas of doing two tasks simultaneously include:

  • Playing a round or two of golf while doing business – a brilliant way to killing two birds with one stone. Many a deal and contact has been made through this very social yet necessary medium.
  • Use your hands-free kit to catch up on calls between meetings is another good way to complete tasks and catch up on essential phone calls.
  • For those fortunate enough to fly on a private jet for business meetings – ensure yours is equipped with the necessary hi-tech equipment where you can take time out to prepare for important meetings, conferences and other important work-related issues.
  • There are many ways to skin a cat and as far as doing two tasks at once can be attainted with a little organisation and planning.

There is never a need to cause more chaos in your life than is necessary as life in itself is already a frenetic affair – think out of the box and soon you will be ticking all those boxes – start-ups need to delegate, organise and plan their days carefully to ensure that all clients are given the kind of service they rightfully deserve, and before long you will soon be experiencing some serious returns!

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